Here's a list of things I'm working on in my personal time.

  • Vim MakeJob

    Minimal, asynchronous Quickfix commands for Vim 8.

    I'm abnormally passionate about Vim (although you won't see me starting any holy wars with Emacs users). This is my small contribution to hopefully make it a little better for everyone.

  • CBR Schedule

    A utility to configure and generate Bible reading plans in a variety of formats. If you attend NewCity Orlando or one of the other churchs that participates in Community Bible Reading (CBR) and you're looking for the PDF version of this year's plan, you can download that here.

    Incidentally, I'm a big fan of the Python programming language, which I've used to create this utility.

  • NextCloud Notes Command Line Interface (nncli)

    A fork of sncli that works with the NextCloud Notes app. Features a terminal user interface (TUI) mode and multiple command-line switches for scripting.

  • Hookmeup

    An installable Git hook to automate your Pipenv and Django workflows. Will automatically clean and sync your Pipenv-managed virtualenv and migrate your Django database whenever you perform a Git checkout or pull to your local repository.

  • Vim Runtime

    I maintain several runtime files distributed with the Vim text editor. If for some reason you need to download these files individually (e.g., maybe you're running an outdated version of Vim), then you can access them via the above link.

  • Arch Linux User Repository

    After over ten years as an avid MacOS user, I have recently made the leap to Linux, where I've settled on Arch Linux as my distribution of choice. I'm also beginning to interact with the user community there, and one way I'm doing that is by maintaining several packages on the Arch Linux User Repository (AUR). Click in the AUR link above to navigate to my user profile over there. There are also a variety of less mature Arch PKGBUILDs on my personal Git site.