Traveling With The Good and The Bad

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Things I'm thankful for when I'm on the road.

Things I'm Thankful For When Traveling

  • Online check-in and ticketing
  • Random acts of kindness to help calm a screaming toddler
  • Regarding above: The Netflix series Llama Llama
  • Also regarding above: The children's series Paw Patrol
  • Car rentals with CarPlay support, and that Apple finally got it's crap together re: Maps
  • Staying with family rather than at a hotel
  • A toddler sleeping mid-flight
  • Getting to show my family new places or, as the case may be, places that are old to me but new to them
  • The folks I'll get to see at the destination
  • People watching on the way

Things I Would Prefer Be Different When Traveling

  • Lackadaisical bag-check attendants, who one might think are duty bound to not care about people's boarding times, etc.
  • The feeling of panic between when your toddler starts screaming like a banshee and when the aforementioned acts of kindness are perpetrated by various other passengers/Good Samaritans
  • The mild sense dehumanization that accompanies any trip through the TSA line, but especially the ones with long waits and grumpy uniforms
  • Turbulence
  • That heartless master, the airplane seatbelt light
  • $4 cans of soda
  • However much a well drink costs mid-flight (I won't pay it unless the Mrs. tells me that I'm being insufferable and I should have a drink for her sake)
  • My own crankiness and overall unpleasantness toward others, especially my wife