Announcing Xhotplug

An X11 monitor attach/detach responder

I’m pleased to announce the initial, beta release of xhotplug, a small utility for automatically responding to X11 montor attach/detach events.

I’ve recently switch to OpenBSD from Linux, and one small annoyance has been the lack of udev, which I was able to pair with autorandr on my laptop to automatically reconfigure my X11 screen whenever I attached a new monitor. I recently came across an IRC comment linking to a Gist that showed the guts of a little C program that did the trick. From there it was a small effort to wrap that logic in something a bit more user friendly and capable of being launched from .xinitrc. xhotplug pairs well with autorandr, or you can write your own script to respond to events.

If you have any feedback, or just find it useful, please reach out an let me know.